Thursday, September 12, 2013


boom boom boom boom
i can hear clearly my heart beats
although i'm listening the hot & roll music
really clear. just like play the drum.
if u hear it what's your feeling?
WOW i'm so scary╯﹏╰  am i near the sky? am i !?

If i gone,
did you miss me ?will you cry for me?
maybe not one must care about the other one
we have nothing between
you're scare so you're waiting for
but still nothing at the end
did it worth ? did you're wishing this
haha never mind, everything had passed
you're not, not belongs to me

Hello girl! u're not 17 years old more
be smart and be more hardworking, ok?
just dont think that always has somebody helps you
everybody have their own life and friend circle
not only having you one friend
be strong, be positive, when u're alone

Hopefully that i can take a good results for this A-level course
but the one who always lazy to study will not be sucess, i know this fact
so, please be harkwork ! my mind ! can you hear it and control ?
i gonna crazy /.\

FT.ISLAND ! Fighting ! 6 years already ! u are the best xD

hey day! hi SEPTEMBER! hi new !
exam exam exam week !
but cant focus to study at my homework
maybe i really didnt have to work hard.
so scare ...

NOBODY can control what will happen later, so always prepare first for the next second!


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